experience Ann Arbor's most authentic mexican street food


At TMAZ Taqueria, we pride ourselves on providing the most authentic, traditional Mexican street food in the region. Our commitment is to our community. Our mission is to bring you the beauty of Mexican flavors in every bite.

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Inspired by the flavors of central Mexico, our menu offers handcrafted, authentic, affordable fare  the whole family will enjoy.

Our menu

We offer clients a varied menu of traditional mexican dishes, from classics such as pozole, tacos and enchiladas to a wide variety of drinks.

Each of our locations are unique and tailor their menu to the local palette.

authentic recipes

made from scratch

natural ingredients

What our clients have to say...

“I have been coming to TMAZ since the opening. It is simply the best, most authentic Mexican food in the area.”

“The best Mexican and Latino-style food  between here and Detroit.”

Larry Kuperman

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Christopher Miller

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